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Our Research
Over the past 10 years Team London Bridge has built up a library of studies and reports that encompass a variety of subject matter and study areas. 
With robust consultation and research processes these reports have been the catalyst for a number of transformative projects in London Bridge over the past 10 years.    
 Employee User PanelsBiannual  Download report
 London Bridge Station Planning Application Response 2011 Download report
 Place Identity Consultation 2013 Download report
 Place Identity Development  2013 Download report
 Place Identity Destination Audit  2013 Download report
 London Bridge Green Infrastructure Audit  2013 Download report
 Made in London Bridge Proposal  2013 Download report
 London Bridge Plan online consultation 2014 Download report
 London Bridge Future Streets  2014 Download report
 London Bridge Plan Phase One Report 2015 Download report
 London Bridge Plan Phase Two Report 2015 Download report
 Experian Retail Report 2015 Download report
 Jacobs Connectivity Study 2015 Download report
 Jacobs Justification Report 2015 Download report
 Jacobs Traffic Modelling Report 2015 Download report
 London Bridge Retail Study 2015 Download report
 EmploySE1 local employment research 2015 Download report
 Central Activity Zone SPG response  2015 Download report
 Audience Agency cultural audiences report 2015 Download report
 Initial Response to New Southwark Plan 2015 Download report
 Final Response to New Southwark Plan 2016 Download report
 London Bridge Plan 2016 Download report
 London Bridge Retail & Leisure Report  2016 Download report 
 Draft Area Vision for London Bridge in New Southwark Plan  2017 Download report

For more information about these projects contact Team London Bridge at info@teamlondonbridge.co.uk
King's College London to Chair the London Bridge Business Improvement District
02 March 2017
London Bridge businesses vote to extend their BID until 2021
18 November 2015
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Download the Greenspace Trail to help you explore the hidden gems and fantastic green spaces the area has to offer
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