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WPF Therapy want to hear your thoughts on their new Mind Gym service

WPF Therapy is a London Bridge-based wellbeing support service that provides:

  • high-quality, affordable counselling and psychotherapy
  • a positive commitment to equalities and diversity
  • a variety of therapies, short and long term, because people have different needs
  • professional trainings and CPD in psychotherapy
  • training in counselling skills for people who work with people
  • support for mental wellbeing in the workplace
The team is introducing a dynamic new health service programme called The Mind Gym. The membership will feature 121 coaching sessions, mindfulness workshops, outdoor running and healthy eating classes. The project is still in very early development stages and WPF Therapy is keen to get local stakeholder feedback to build into its delivery. The team would be grateful if you could help them with the project development by completing this short survey.
1 July 2015

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