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Vote YES to deliver the new five year plan
Team London Bridge (the London Bridge Business Improvement District) has been run by the local business community, for the business community, for nearly 10 years.
As our second five-year term comes to an end, eligible businesses within the BID area will once again have their opportunity to vote on whether they would like the work of Team London Bridge to continue for a third 5-year term, 2016 to 2021. The ballot will take place between 24th September and 29th October 2015.
What Team London Bridge provides
As London Bridge has changed, the context and role of the BID has evolved with it. Originally Team London Bridge supported businesses with a range of basic services - security, cleaning, marketing, events. We still do that very well, but now expectations are rightfully higher and BID members demand that they be represented by an organisation that is both influential at every level and an authority on the issues that matter most to them. This progressive drive and strength in expertise is a mainstay of Team London Bridge today. 

We have developed our Business Plan 2016-21 which outlines our proposed projects and services that we will deliver should the outcome of the autumn ballot be a 'Yes' vote in support of the BID continuing. In the coming weeks we'll be meeting as many of our businesses as possible to discuss this Business Plan, however we would encourage you to read it in the meantime, and should you have any queries/comments don't hesitate to get in touch via info@teamlondonbridge.co.uk or 020 7407 4701.

Renewal ballot timetable
Ballot opens: 24th September 2015 (ballot papers issued to businesses around this time).
Ballot closes: 29th October 2015 (ballot papers must be received no later than 5pm). 
Voting in the ballot
Southwark Council is responsible for managing and paying for the ballot to ensure that it is carried out fairly and not influenced by the BID. A ballot paper will be sent to each rateable business unit, to be completed by placing a cross in the box marked 'YES' or 'NO' in response to the question "Are you in favour of the proposals for the renewal of the London Bridge Business Improvement District?" The ballot paper should be signed by the person who completed it and returned in the pre-addressed postage-paid envelope.
Each business must nominate a named contact who will receive the ballot papers. To do this or check who your representative is, please email info@teamlondonbridge.co.uk.  
The BID will proceed over 2016-2021 if two tests are met:
  1. A simple majority of those voting in the ballot must vote in favour.
  2. Of the votes cast, those voting in favour must represent a majority by rateable value of the hereditaments (rateable properties).  
If a business has more than one rateable business unit, it will receive a ballot paper FOR EACH UNIT. Each paper counts as one vote. It is important that EVERY paper received is completed and returned.
A no vote will mean that all BID services are withdrawn and will cease as of 31 March 2016. Results will be announced 30th October 2015.  
We very much hope the 2016-21 Business Plan is something that local businesses will embrace and will want to continue achieving these goals together.  
4 August 2015

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