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A new website for London Bridge
We are pleased to introduce a brand new website for the London Bridge area - atlondonbridge.com.
Brought to you by the local business community, it is managed by Team London Bridge and is designed to offer a one stop shop for information on London Bridge and the surrounding area. With an ever growing selection of top-notch eateries, world-famous attractions, lively bars, beautiful open spaces, and year-round events, it's not finding something to do that's the problem, it's choosing which one to go to first! 
It's been built to be great on mobile and desktop devices, so give it a try wherever you are! 
You'll find listings for events, place to visit, pubs, bars, restaurants, offers, things to do, property and business news.  
You'll still find out all you need to know about Team London Bridge and our projects on our corporate website. But if you're looking to make the most of the area, explore and enjoy it today using atlondonbridge.com.
There's still so much more content for us to add, so do contact us with your suggestions and listings at info@teamlondonbridge.co.uk 
4 August 2015

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