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London Bridge businesses tell George Osborne more investment in transport is needed
On 25 November 2015 the government will publish its Spending Review which will set out how it will both invest in priority public services and deliver the £20 billion further savings required to eliminate Britain’s deficit by 2019/2020. 
Savings will be sought from all services across the board, including transport. The business community in London Bridge is adamant that the local area and London as a whole requires continued investment in the transport infrastructure, rather than resting on our laurels after the completion of the Crossrail and Thameslink projects. 
We need efficient transport to fully capitalise on our area’s growth. When the Thameslink London Bridge redevelopment is completed in 2018, the station’s concourse will be the largest in the UK, with 66% more space for new retail and station facilities. These significant developments will have a high impact on the area and demand vastly improved public realm. To multiply the benefits of investment, it is essential to ensure we have sufficient capacity on London Underground, roads and buses and a safer, greener environment for walking and cycling.
Team London Bridge has therefore written to the Chancellor, George Osborne, to put these considerations forward. 
In the letters we call on government to use the Spending Review to confirm support for TfL’s Business Plan to 2020/21. This includes key investment projects:
- Committed and long term investment in the Tube.  We cannot afford a delay to work to boost train frequencies on the Jubilee line by 2020 and on the Northern line by 2022;
- Investment to increase the bus network capacity.  Buses need ongoing investment to continue to serve the working and resident populations;
- Investment in London’s roads to reduce traffic, cater for increasing number of pedestrians and cyclists and create a high quality public realm;
- Work with TfL to connect key developments and transport interchanges, linking north Southwark with the rest of central London;
- Support for innovation to improve public spaces – such as the Future Streets Incubator Fund for Fresh Air Squares.
Letter dated 27/08/15 can be seen here.   
Letter dated 12/11/15 (in partnership with central London BIDs) can be seen here.
Letter dated 20/11/15 can be seen here.
23 November 2015

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